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3 Month Marketing Plan

3 Month Marketing Plan

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Month One : $799 (reg. $1199)
Structure a basic website using Shopify/Wix (website platform price is separate)
Apply SEO’s into website to gain traction on google search
Booking links (using Square or your preferred booking app)
List services & price
Website strategies
Email collection pop up with built in funnel
Establish digital online presence with social media
Social media strategies including “highlights, stories, posts, hashtags”
Follow pages of locals in the area
Brand awareness using social media strategies

Month Two : $500 (reg. $799)
Analyze social media data and analytics for target audience
Upkeep and maintain social media presence
Upkeep and maintain website and fix “bugs” if any
Develop strategy for business owner for grow social media presence
Continue SEO’s strategy to move up google search engine

Month Three : $500 (reg. $799)
Using analytics and data, set up marketing campaign to target audience to convert to sales
Plan an “ads” budget to run IG/Google ads for awareness and exposure
Develop strategy plan for business owner to gain more traction online and in person Upkeep social media and adjust website accordingly for promotion
Prepare promotions to be ready for market


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