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Baus Haus

Bible, Business, and Brunch

Bible, Business, and Brunch

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Join us as we come together to incorporate and discuss Bible, Business, and enjoy some tasty brunch! 

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A panel of financial planners, business consultants, business grants and loans resources, brunch and non alcoholic beverages, public relations, consulting workshops, and more. We intend to keep this movement ongoing as a means to provide resources to our community to thrive during economic hardships.

"BBB" came as an inspiration from Myron Golden who uses biblical references to teach business and finance. Using King Solomon's strategies, Myron has built a consulting empire and generating over $41 million. We want to contribute to his teachings by providing financial resources as we come together to build a "Financial Ark." We hope to see you on this special day as the beginning of a long term fellowship. 

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